If there, then –

Look, there.

The sun is setting. The sky will be pretty then.

No, no. Not the sky.

The leaves, then?

No, no. Not the leaves.

What then?

Look at the hill.

What am I looking at, then?

Don’t you see it?

The hill?

Don’t you see how it’s moving?


The hill.

Where’s it headed, then?

It keeps gaining distance.


Yes, the distance between us.

If you’d stop talking about hills, then –

No, no. Not between us.

Where, then?

The distance within us.

What’s this got to do with the hill, then?

The hill keeps expanding.

What then?

Keeps expanding, keeps moving, keeps making distance.

The distance within us?

The distance within us.

What’s this all about, then?

I wish it would stop.

What would stop?

The moving.

Quit moving, then.

No, no. Not that movement.

What then?

The expanding.

It’s all expanding and then –

Stop Expanding. Stop. Moving.

You should go put on a nice shirt.

Yes, yes. Bind it up.

My parents will be here around then.

Yes, yes. Have to tie it tight.

Where are you headed, then?

Have to tie it tight. Stop. Expanding.

Will you feel better then?

Yes, yes. Better.

Well, then –

Tell your parents I said hello.

Where are you off to, then?

There, look.

The sun has set. The sky should be pretty, then.


A Poem for Two

Today I decided to have some fun and write a poem with my younger sister. Her words are in purple

I like dinosaurs.

I like omnivores.

Sometimes I like to pretend I live in a zoo,

But there is a lot of poo.

So then I pretend I’m an astronaut,

I laugh a lot.

Some days I like to play doctor

And then I have to ride in a helicopter.

Sometimes I sleep the whole day away

And I dream about eating clay.

Every once in a while I get very scared

Because I shared

My thoughts with you

Honey Dew.