The Letter

I hadn’t noticed it before I got home, the letter stuck to my shoe. Assuming that it was just a receipt I removed it unceremoniously. Then I noticed it was a folded piece of paper. Curiosity forced me to open it. The beautiful handwriting told of the precious time it had taken to pen the letter. I felt terrible – I didn’t even know where it came from. As I sat there totally lost I began to read what it said:



I know you told me not to write, but I have to tell you this: I love you.


The rest of the page just said “I love you” over and over until the words were no longer legible.




4 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. Oh my… SO very sweet! 😀 I felt…heartbroken. I am left with so many questions that will have no answer – just the way the assignment intended. Great job!

    ~ Angela

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