cthul11I’m sure many on the internet are fans of H.P. Lovecraft. I cannot at this time truthfully claim to be such. Not that I think that Lovecraft was in any way a bad writer and I certainly respect his work. However, I personally did not find Lovecraft to be that eternally enchanting. Perhaps I just discovered his works too late in life. His stories neither struck me as thrilling or terrifying and frankly I had to struggle through a few before finally giving up on the collection of stories I had been trying to finish. It’s not that the stories were bad, my short attention span and desensitized brain just didn’t cooperate with the suspense that Lovecraft tried to create. However heathenish this may come across: I wanted more monsters. His ideas had a value that is rare and I greatly appreciated his imagination but his writing simply wasn’t for me. For those of you that enjoy Lovecraft I send out a brief congratulations. I’m glad you are able to fully enjoy his mastery of writing.

With that, I bid you adieu.


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